Sculptured arts are the worlds leading sculpture creators.

Sculptured arts technique and experience of reproducing rare expensive art is second to none. We can make them from scratch to a design, recreate a famous sculpture or replicate your existing model or antique, from a one off piece to multiples, in full weight marble or lighter cast, our cast marble is suitable outdoors and in any weather conditions.

Our processes are not confined to just sculpture, our workshops and staff are here to bring your imagination to life.

We work for and supply Stately homes, boutique shops, interior designers, film & TV sets, architects, art galleries, Hotels, and high end department stores around the world, with their own designs and products, or from our existing range, which is now the largest available collection in the world.

We can create any form of sculpture, from miniature to monumental public display artwork.

We have a very comprehensive and experienced crew of sculptors and model makers, using traditional and modern techniques, skills and materials, to enable us to reproduce the finest sculptures in the world.

We can undertake and manage the design, manufacture and site installation of any project, here and overseas, from the creation of the master patten, mould making, tooling, castings, fabrication, to all forms of artistic finishing.

Sculptured arts, over the past thirty years, have amassed the worlds largest collection of sculpture and readily available decorative accessories, which can be viewed at;