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Welcome to the world of creative manufacturing, design and artistic engineering at Sculptured Arts Studio.

We are the UK's leading creative manufacturing workshop, with a team of highly experienced Skilled artisans, and engineers who specialise in fine decorative finishing across all trades. We excel in providing beautifully unique decorations, features, furnishings, bespoke statues and bespoke sculptures, so please take a look at our portfolio.

Sculptured Arts Studio, a family run business, is situated in Staffordshire; the creative heart of Great Britain.

We are producers and manufacturers of ideas, whether traditional or revolutionary, from concept to on-site fitting, our workshops and artisans will produce a solution for all your decorative manufacturing requirements, by one team, all under one roof. Our skilled team can manufacture anything from concept idea, material sourcing, all aspects of moulding and casting, high end finishing solutions and techniques, to delivery and on site fitting.

We now have a large network of highly skilled crafts men and women, covering all areas and skills. It is our sculptured arts knowledge and outlook that has brought together such a great team of all round artists, carvers, model makers, sculptors, architects, and engineers, with extensive experience of worldwide sourcing of materials, along with 20 years of comprehensive import and export experience.

If you would like to discuss a project, need help or information please call Martin today on +44 (0)1283 540800.

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