Metal Spray Layering

Sculptured Arts have developed a system for putting any known metal on to any surface substrate.

Metal surfaces within interior design in very much in trend, this process is new in metal technology and opens a new world of finishes that yesterday were impossible, with unlimited uses.

Bronze, Copper, Brass, Gold, Nickel, Silver, Pewter, Tin, Steel, Aluminium, Iron.

Finishes, colours and patinas of each metal are endless, using the same techniques as on our foundry cast bronze sculpture, we can create multiple finishes with each metal.

From the inside of swimming pools, hotel and shop fronts, interior walls and woodwork, exterior walls, furniture, sculpture, to revamping an existing kitchen.

Sculptured Arts can now produce all our products, and much more, in a vast variety of metal finishes, including Bronze, green Bronze, blackened Bronze, Copper, Guilt, Nickel Silver, Brass, Steel, Iron, aluminium, and lead, and in many patina's, from new to ancient.

We have developed a system where as we can now lay, layers of actual pure metals onto our marble sculpture, and then we can work the surface the same as a foundry cast bronze to produce the colour or patina of choice using traditional methods and chemicals.

Because the surface is layered with actual metal it is indistinguishable from a foundry cast metal, by the look and feel, and at a fraction of the price.

The cost in producing large foundry cast items has become so expensive and prohibitive, even from the far east, with many Bronze foundries in Thailand and China closing down.

This new development has opened the doors to a new world of finishes on surfaces impossible to plate with conventional methods, from large sculpture to the the inside of swimming pools.

We are not limited to the models and finishes listed here, so you can order any model, and desired finish, from our entire range.

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Metal Finishes

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