Marble Cast Sculpture

Marble Cast Sculpture
Project Overview

Sculptured Arts Studio specialise in making the finest exact copies of marble sculpture originals, for people who understand the joy of bringing a piece of quality art into the home.

Sculptured Arts Studio have developed a unique dry marble forming process, and over the past 20 years Sculptured Arts have lead the way, with the quality and finish of their reproduction sculptures.

Our Marble casting has opened the doors for artists, who now can have their work produced in a good authentic marble stone finish, of any size, for any location.

Our material is suited for any outdoor conditions and weather.

Architects, Artists, Interior Designers, Hotels, Film & TV studios, Restorers, Antique & Interior shops, Department stores and retailers make sure they get the highest quality sculpture and professional advice by specifying Sculptured Arts Studio.

Many of our reproductions are on display in stately homes, where originals have had to be sold; such is the standard of our work.

We now have the largest collection of readily available sculpture in the world, along with compliment ranges of bronze sculpture, marble vases, and decorative interior accessories.

We have a display showroom on site, or to view our complete collection where you may purchase directly from go to